NFOWD is the apex federating body of NGOs working in the field of Disability in Bangladesh. Our vision is an inclusive society where all people with disabilities will be visible, and contribute equitably in the nation-building process. Established in 1991, it is registered with the Department of Social Services under the Ministry of Social Welfare and with the NGO Affairs Bureau. NFOWD is an executive member on the Boards of the National Foundation for Development of the Disabled Persons and the National Social Welfare Council. It is also a member of the National Coordination Committee and the National Executive Committee on Disability (constituted under the Disability Welfare Act 2001). At the international level, it is a member of the South Asian Network on Community Based Rehabilitation.

NFOWD works in three areas:

  1. Coordination amongst its members,
  2. National level sensitization & raising awareness on Disability issues and
  3. Policy advocacy & influencing work, and its principal working relationship is with the Government of Bangladesh.

As such, over the years it has gained the reputation and recognition within the country to work as the perfect interface between the Government and the NGOs in this field. Any Committee, taskforce, working group etc. the Government forms on disability issues, by default NFOWD is a member. This is upheld either by law, policy or an administrative decision. At the Regional level, UN-ESCAP has recognized this linkage as one of the ‘best practices’ in the area of ‘GO-NGO Collaboration’ in this Region.