Membership Process

Application Process

An eligible organization can apply for membership under the following process:

Purchase a specified Membership Application Form paying BDT 200.00 (two hundred only) from the Secretariat. A money receipt shall be provided upon the payment.

Fill up the form, and attach all necessary documents asked for in the Form. Attach a photocopy of the money receipt.

With all these documents, send an application to the President of NFOWD.

Selection Process

The President shall forward all applications to the Membership Committee.

The Membership Committee will screen all applications. This Committee has the authority to ask for any additional documentation in the case where the submitted documents are not self-explanatory, or where the documents are not enough to prove that all the Criteria for Membership have been adequately covered. The Committee also has the authority to ask for a field investigation of the organization, if required.

Once satisfied, the Membership Committee shall forward the prospective applications to the Executive Committee of NFOWD.

The Executive Committee is the final authority for approval and rejection of Membership of an applicant organization.

Confirmation of Membership

Once an application for membership has been approved in the Executive Committee, the respective organization shall be officially informed, giving a 30 days period to pay the annual subscription fee (BDT 1,000.00 only) for the current year, and a one-time only registration fee (BDT 500.00 only).

Membership of the applicant organization shall be confirmed only upon receipt of the fees.