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The NFOWD was established in 1991 to unified, unrestricted and right-based society for people with Disabilities. It has been made up by 22 organizations for the development of Persons with Disabilities, now its member organization is 438. The NFOWD established as a national platform of non-governmental organizations to present the fair demands of the rights of Persons with Disabilities as well as to provide total support to the government’s activities for the development of Persons with Disabilities. NFOWD works in three areas: a) coordination among its members, b) National level sensitization and raising awareness on disabilities issue and c) Policy advocacy and influencing work, and its principal working relationship is with the government of Bangladesh. As such, over the years it has gained the reputation and recognition within the country to work as the perfect interface between the Government and the NGO’s in this field. This is uphold either by law, policy or an administrative decision, at the regional level, UNESCAP has recognized this linkage as one of the “best practices” in the area of GO-NGO collaboration’ in this region. Forum is a member of International Council for Education of Visually Impaired (ICEVI) and Regional Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR). In 2005, Asia Pacific Disability Forum (APD) and Un Economic and Social Commission (ECOSOC) has been recognized to NFOWD. The member of NFOWD are engaged in the development of people with disabilities in 64 districts in Bangladesh. The forum include local, National and International organizations.

Memberships in various committees of the Government:

  • Member, Board of Directors, JPUF.
  • Member, Bangladesh National Social Welfare Council.
  • Member, Committee on Etiquette of students with disabilities.
  • Member, National Committee on Vetarans Affair.
  • Member, CRPD Monitoring Committee.

Notable activities and achievements:

  • Provide overall assistance to the Gov. including the drafting of the National Policy 1995 on Disability.
  • Provide total assistance to the Gov. including drafting of Bangladesh Disability Welfare Act 2001.
  • Provide total assistance to the Gov. with drafting proposal for the preparation of the National Working Plan on Disability 2006.
  • Attend the 6th, 7th and 8th meeting of the ADHOC Committee formed by the United Nations to provide technical and strategic assistance in drafting the Bangladesh Gov. standing paper of the United Nations Charter of Rights for the Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).
  • Provide comprehensive technical and strategic support by the Gov. of Bangladesh in support of the UN Charter on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its optional compliance rules.
  • Provide total assistance to the Gov. for the draft proposal under Bangladesh Disability Welfare Act 2001.
  • Under the Bangladesh Disability Welfare Act 2001, A working plan is prepared for each district committee by organizing workshops in 64 districts to assist the district disabled welfare committee formed.
  • Provide overall technical and strategic support to the planning commission for inclusion of disability in the 1st and 2nd poverty reduction strategy.
  • Provide comprehensive technical and strategic support to the Bangladesh Election Commission to ensure the inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in voter registration form and to ensure voting rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  • In the election manifestos of the top political parties in the country, the NFOWD received specific commitments for the Persons with Disabilities.
  • Provide comprehensive assistance to the Ministry of Social Welfare in formulating the policy of scholarships for the students with disabilities, policies to provide poorly paid disability allowance, policies for providing elderly allowance, private special education school policy, acid reflex and loan program for physically challenged persons.
  • From 1996, jointly celebrate International Disability Day with Gov. of Bangladesh.
  • From 1999, jointly celebrate National Disability Day with Gov. of Bangladesh.
  • In the light of the recommendation of the NFOWD ” The Disability Idntification Survey in Bangladesh” has been started by Department of Social Service and this activities still continuous.
  • Provide overall assistance to the Gov including the drafting for the Rights and Protection of Persons eith Disability Act 2013 as well as its rules.
  • Provide total assistance to the Gov including drafting in preparation of the Neuro Developmental Disability Protection Trust Act 2013 And its rules.
  • To prepare and compile draft proposals of different organizations in the formulation of National Action Plan for the Persons with Disabilities 2017 and give all kinds of assistance to the JPUF to finalize it.
  • Active participation with the Gov in the promotion of universal pay scale 2015 for the promotion of salaries of 62 school teachers for students with Disabilities.
  • To assist the Gov in formulating policies for establishing disabled school for the participation of the Persons with Disability in the country.
  • From the JPUF, to contribute and assist the department for implementing the decision to allocate donations to various persons and sectors.
  • To contribute to the development of National Budget allocation through advocacy for the sustainable development of Persons with Disabilities.
  • The NFOWD working for Gov sustainable development goals (SDG).
  • To reduce the risk of disasters, there is advocacy with the concerned authorities to ensure representation of Persons with Disabilities in various committees from local to national level.
  • The Secretary General Dr. Salina Akhter receiving certificate and crest behalf of NFOWD from the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the occassion of 28 International Disability Day and 21 National Disability Day 2019 for NFOWD has been recognized a best successful disable organization in Bangladesh