Entry into Bangladesh

The main entry point

The main entry point for visitors is the Shahjalal International Airport, which is about an hours’ drive from the NFOWD office by car. The airport is frequented by most of the reputed international airlines directly with regular flights.

Where you do not have direct flights from your country to Dhaka, you can get connecting flights from either Europe, the Middle East or South East Asian cities.

Immigration and Visa

Excepting for a few countries, from where visitors can get a visa on arrival at Dhaka, visitors from all other countries require to obtain a Visa beforehand. Getting a Visa for visiting Bangladesh is no trouble, as we are a very hospitable country, with open doors for tourists and visitors.

However, limitation of human resources at most of our Consular Offices abroad means that, the procedure may take a little more time than expected. Visitors are highly advised to contact the Bangladesh High Commission in their respective Countries well in advance while making travel arrangements to Bangladesh.

The only country, with which Bangladesh has no diplomatic ties, and thus refuses Visa is – Israel.