Dining & Shopping

Eating out

The staple diet is rice and fish. But breads, both hand made and baked is also available almost across the country. The effect of globalization has also introduced western fast food joints in the urban areas.

Over the last decade, Dhaka has seen the mushroom growth of restaurants especially in and around the posh residential areas. We have all sorts of restaurants – Bangladeshi, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, etc. Western food is also available in all major hotels and most of the large restaurants in the city. But local dishes are normally far better and more exotic. Many local specialties are usually served with rice & based on chicken, mutton or beef. We would like to recommend seafood (particularly prawns), kebabs and Kachchi Biryani. For Bangladeshi restaurants you can visit Dhanshiri, which is in Dhanmondi area close to the NFOWD office.

Some recommended places

Lemon Grass (Thai & Vietnamese).
House # 58/C, Road # 131, Gulshan.

Sajna (Indian):
House # 10, South Avenue, Gulshan

Samarkand (North Indian, Pakistani & Afghani):
House # 2, Road # 126, Gulshan.

Santoor (Indian & Thai):
Road # 32, Dhanmondi

Chillis (Thai, Indian and Chinese):
Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi

Candle Light (Thai, Indian and Chinese):
Road # 27, Dhanmondi



Bangladesh is reputed for her handicrafts. Exquisite hand-made articles with a large variety are readily available and prices are reasonable. Cottage industry products like fabrics, printed sarees, pink pearls, wood products, coconut masks, folk dolls, shital pati (mattress having cooling effect), terracotta toys and jute products for decorative purposes are very typical of Bangladesh. Brass-wares, delicate silver trinkets, embroidered silk sarees, Jamdani sarees, scarves, purses, bamboo-made decoration pieces, cane and conch shell products, gold and silver ornament, jute carpets and a host of other attractive handicrafts can be bought in the shops, at the handicraft sale centers and galleries in the cities and also at tourist spots. Very good quality and a wide variety of Western clothes are also available at certain markets, at very good price. There are both fixed price shopping stores, and also places where you could practice your bargaining skills to your heart’s content for buying such clothing. Dhaka also is a shopping paradise if you are looking for IT software.

Some recommended places

Aranya: Wide selections of products are made of Kantha embroidery, Jamdani weave and natural dyes.
60 Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani

Kumudini handicrafts
74 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka

Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi

Mirpur Road, Mohammadpur

Aarong: You name it, they have it!
Lalmatia and Gulshan

Westecs: Western Clothes

Texmart: Western Clothes
Road No. 27, Dhanmondi

IDB Bhaban Computer City: IT related hardware & software
Rokeya Sharani, Agargaon