Climate and clothing

Bangladesh generally enjoys a tropical monsoon climate. Three seasons are mainly prominent summer, monsoon and winter. The winter is normally from November to February with usually a temperature of about 21° Celsius. The Monsoon starts from July and lasts till October. This period accounts for 80% rainfall and is the principal season for flood. The summer is normally hot and humid at about 35° Celsius.

The last couple of years have seen a sudden change in the climatic pattern, mostly felt through a chilly winter, with temperatures scaling down to as low as 6° Celsius in mid to late December. The most ideal time to visit Bangladesh, visitors coming in the winter should be carrying warm winter clothing.

Female visitors, especially if visiting during the summer, are advised to wear loose fitting clothes that would cover shoulders, upper arms and legs. For places outside Dhaka one might prefer ‘Shalwar Kamiz’ (similar to loose trouser, long loose shirt and scarf) as that is one of the traditional dresses worn by many Bangladeshi women. A sun-screen lotion could also help in our summer.