Bangladesh is mainly composed of vast, low lying alluvial plain, cut by networks of rivers, canals, swamps and marshes. The network of rivers contributes to the socio-economic life of the nation. The main rivers are the Ganges, the Jamuna, and the Meghna, which after joining has created the largest delta of the world. The hilly regions lie only on the North-East and the South-Eastern part of the country and some areas of high lands lie in the North and North-Western part of the country.

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated (140 million people) countries of the world with an area of 55,598 square miles. The country is bounded by India on the West, North and East, by Myanmar on the Southeast and by the Bay of Bengal on the South.

Dhaka is the capital of the country and a major commercial, cultural and manufacturing center served by the nearest river port Narayanganj.

Map of Bangladesh